Andreescu`s group has ~2000 ft2 space, located in three modern laboratories in Science Center-Biotechnology wing 

Facilities for nanomaterials synthesis and characterization

Spectroscopic and biochemical equipment for study of biorecognition reactions and sensing

Advanced manufacturing and printing equipment

Electrochemical instrumentation for nanomaterials 

and sensing studies 

Autolab PGSTAT302N with combined FRA32M impedance module and low current EDC module

Epsilon-Bioanalytical Systems (2), with C3 cell stand

CHI1030A 8-channels potentiostat (CH Instruments)

CHI1430 4-channels potentiostat (CH Instruments) 

Axopatch 200B amplifier with DIGIDATA1550B1 low noise data acquisition system from Molecular Device

PARSTAT 2263 electrochemical workstation with Quartz Crystal microbalance (Seiko EG&G)  

CHI1232C portable electrochemical analyzer (CH Instruments)