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Editor(s): Manoj K. Ram

Silvana Andreescu

Hanming Ding

Published: 2011


Editor(s): Silvana Andreescu

Maria Hapel

Volume 1083

Copyright © 2011

American Chemical Society

Editor(s): Maria Hepel

Silvana Andreescu

Volume 1200

Copyright © 2015

American Chemical Society

Book chapters

[24] Advances in biosensing technology in the pharmaceutical industry

Abraham S. Finny, Nadia Cheng, and Silvana Andreescu

in Biosensing and Micro-Nano Devices, (Design Aspects and Implementation in Food Industries), Ed. P. Chandra,

Springer Singapore, 2022, 243-263

[23] Chapter 3 - Printed paper-based (bio)sensors: Design, fabrication and applications.

F. Mustafa, A.S. Finny, K.A. Kirk, and S. Andreescu

in Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89 - Paper based sensors (Ed. Arben Merkoçi), Elsevier, 2020, 63-89

[22] Nanoparticle Characterization Through Nano-Impact Electrochemistry: Tools and Methodology Development

Kevin A. Kirk, Tulashi Luitel, Farideh H. Narouei, and Silvana Andreescu

in Nanoparticles in Biology and Medicine, vol. 2118 - Eds. E. Ferrari and E. Soloviev, Humana, NY, 2020, 327-342

[21] Cerium oxide nanoparticles for chemical and biological sensors: Properties, sensing designs, and applications

Abraham S. Finny, Ali Othman, and Silvana Andreescu

in Cerium Oxide (CeO₂): Synthesis, Properties and Applications, Metal Oxides Series, (Eds. S. Scirè and L. Palmisano),

Elsevier, 2020, 259-277

[20] Nanotoxicity Assessment Using Embryonic Zebrafish

Eduard Dumitrescu, Kenneth N. Wallace, and Silvana Andreescu

in: Nanotoxicity. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1894 - Nanotoxicity. Methods and Protocols, (Ed. Q. Zang),

Humana Press, 2019, 331-343

[19] Chapter 10 - Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches for the Detection of Antioxidants by Spectroscopic and

Electrochemical Methods

Ryan T. Rauhut, Gonca Bülbül, and Silvana Andreescu

in: in Measurement of Antioxidant Activity and Capacity: Recent Trends and Applications , (Eds. R. Apak, E. Capanoglu,

F. Shahidi), Wiley, 2017

[18] Chapter 11 - Bioapplications of Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors

Eduard Dumitrescu, and Silvana Andreescu

in: Methods in Enzymology, vol. 589, - Enzymes as Sensors, (Eds. R.B. Thompson, C.A. Fierke), Elsevier,

2017, 301-350

[17] Chapter 9-Portable Enzyme-Paper Biosensors Based on Redox-Active CeO2 Nanoparticles

Anahita Karimi, Ali Othman and Silvana Andreescu

in: Methods in Enzymology, vol. 571 - Rational Design of Enzyme-Nanomaterials, (Ed. C.V. Kumar), Elsevier,

2016, 177-195

[16] Chapter 1 - Conceptualizing a Real-Time Remote Cardiac Health Monitoring System

Alex Page, Moeen Hassanalieragh, Tolga Soyata, Mehmet K. Aktas, Burak Kantarci, Silvana Andreescu

in: Enabling Real-Time Mobile Cloud Computing through Emerging Technologies, (Ed. T. Soyata), IGI Global,

2015, 1-34

[15] Chapter 13 - Electrochemical Biosensors for Real-Time Monitoring of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species

X. Liu, E. Dumitrescu, and S. Andreescu

in: ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1200, - Oxidative Stress: Diagnostics, Prevention, and Therapy -vol. 2,

(Eds. M. Hepel, S. Andreescu), American Chemical Society, 2015, 301-327

[14] Oxidative Stress and Antibiotic Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens: State of the Art Methodologies, Future Trends

Mouna Marrakchi, Xiaobo Liu, and Silvana Andreescu

in: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology series, vol. 806 - Advancements of Mass Spectrometry in

Biomedical Research, (Eds. A. Woods and C. Darie), Springer, 2014, 483-498

[13] Biomedical applications of metal oxide nanoparticles

Silvana Andreescu, Marina Ornatska, Joseph S. Erlichman, Ana Estevez, J. C. Leiter

in Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy, Ed. E. Matijevic, Springer, 2011, 57-100

[12] Chapter 8 - Artificial nanoparticle antioxidants

Erica Sharpe, Daniel Andreescu and Silvana Andreescu

in: ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1083, - Oxidative Stress: Diagnostics, Prevention and Therapy, (Eds. S. Andreescu and

M. Hapel, American Chemical Society, 2011, 235-253

[11] Chapter 9 - Nanostructured Bioassemblies for Environmental Bioremediation

Silvana Andreescu, Cristina Ispas, Anastasia Scangas, and L. Stanciu

in: Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination, Eds. M.K. Ram, S. Andreescu and H. Ding, McGraw-Hill,


[10] Chapter 7 - Methodologies for Toxicity Monitoring and Nanotechnology Risk Assessment

Silvana Andreescu, Emrah Ozel, Mihaela Gheorghiu and Kenneth N. Wallace

in: ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1079, - Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Risk Assessment: Minding and Managing the

Potential Threats around Us, (Eds. S. Ripp and T.B. Henry, American Chemical Society, 2011, 141-180

[9] Metal oxide nanoparticles for bioanalytical and biomedical applications

Silvana Andreescu

in: Fabrication and bio-application of funtionalized nanomaterials, Ed. X. Wang, Research Singpost, 2009

ISBN 813080350X

[8] Screen-printed electrode biosensors

Monica Campas, Silvana Andreescu, Thierry Noguer, Jean – Louis Marty

in: Biosensors: Methods Express, Scion Publishing Ltd., 2008

ISBN 1904842127

[7] Chapter VII - Nanostructured materials for enzyme immobilization and biosensors

Silvana Andreescu, John Njagi, Cristina Ispas

in: The New Frontiers of Organic and Composite Nanotechnology, Eds. V. Erokin, M. K. Ram and O. Yavuz,

Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2008, 355-394

[6] Chapter 9 - Affinity Immobilization of Tagged Enzymes

Silvana Andreescu, Bogdan Bucur, and Jean Louis Marty

in: Immobilization of Enzymes and Cells (2nd Edition), Ed. J.M. Guisan,

Series: Methods in Biotechnology, Humana Press, 2006, 97-106

[5] Chapter 19 (Part V) - Multiarray biosensors for toxicity monitoring and bacterial pathogens

Silvana Andreescu, Jason Karasinski and Omowunmi A. Sadik

in: Smart Biosensor Technology, Eds. G.K. Knopf and A. S. Bassi, Taylor and Francis CRC Press, 2006, 521-538

ISBN 0849337593

[4] High throughput biosensor systems for monitoring cells and bacteria

Silvana Andreescu, Jason Karasinski and Omowunmi A. Sadik

in Encyclopedia of Sensors, (Eds. C.A. Grimes, E.C. Dickey and M.V. Pishko), American Scientific Publishers, 2005

ISBN 978-1588830562

[3] Chapter 7 - New materials for biosensors, biochips and molecular bioelectronics

Daniel Andreescu, Silvana Andreescu, and Omowunmi A. Sadik

in Biosensors and Modern Biospecific Analytical Techniques - Vol. XLIV, Ed. L. Gorton,

Series: Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, (Ser. Ed. D. Barcelo), Elsevier Amsterdam, 2005, 285-328

ISBN 0-444-50715-9

[2] Chapter 4 - Biosenzori pentru pesticide

Silvana Andreescu, and Vasile Magearu

in Biosensori. Aplicatii si perspective (in Romanian), (Eds. C. Bala and V. Magearu), Ars Docendi, 2003, 195-233

ISBN 973-558-053-5

[1] Paraoxon determination by inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in organic solvents using disposable biosensors

Silvana Andreescu (Nitoiu), and Anton Ciucu

in Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring. A Practical Guide for Students, Ed. A. Ciucu, Ars Docendi, 2000, 81-84

ISBN 973-8118-2-7