Highlights / Press release


November - Reem Khan, a graduate student in BIOsem group is the recipient of three awards (travel, best poster presentation and the Nano Pitch contest winner) at the 11th Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) Conference held in Austin, TX, where she presented her work related to the selective interactions of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) with silver nanoparticles. Congratulations Reem, Well done!

October - The SensoLife team (Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Reem Khan and Mohamed Hassan) received the $10,000 prize (3rd place) at Clarkson  Technology Showcase & Competition event held by Shipley Center of Innovation in Buffalo, Congratulations team!

August - Tosin won the 2nd Prize in Poster competition from AGRO division at the ACS meeting in Chicago. Congratulation Tosin!

Two of our newest research papers: "Nanoelectrochemistry Reveals Selective Interactions of Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) with Silver Nanoparticles" (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.) and "3D printable polyethyleneimine based hydrogel adsorbents for heavy metal ions removal" (Environ. Sci.: Adv.) were high-lighted on the cover pages for the journals. Congratulations to the authors!

June - Dr. Silvana Andreescu and Dr. Michelle Crimi organized the Exploratory Workshop: "Advances in PFAS detection and measurements". The event was sponsored by NSF (grant # 2141017), the Shipley Center for Innovation and the Center of Excellence (CoE) in Healthy Water Solutions both at Clarkson University.  Thank you very much to all participants!

April - Dr. Silvana Andreescu was inducted into Phalanx and received the Honorary Leadership Phalanx Award, and Reem Khan received the Phalanx commendable leadership and service awards, at the University Recognition Day. Congratulation!

Mohamed Hassan received the Grand Prize at the President's innovation challenge competition and the Phalanx commendable leadership award at the University Recognition Day, and the Bozica Matijevic award. Congratulation Mohamed!

Tosin Popoola received the ACS graduate student travel award from the Division of Agricultural Chemistry (AGRO) to present his research on smart antimicrobial food packaging at the ACS 2022 fall meeting. Congratulation Tosin!

Tyler Bechard is the recipient of the best undergraduate oral presentation in chemistry and physics at the 6th Spring Research and Project Showcase (RAPS) at Clarkson. Congratulation Tyler!

March 23 - Reem Khan received the best poster presentation award, at the 31st International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air under the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS), Congratulation Reem!


November - Dr. Silvana Andreescu and Dr Michelle Crimi have received a $250,000 National Science Foundation award for their research to develop low-cost sensors to detect PFAS in the field. 

September 10 - Mohamed Hassan has won the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) ICDH 2021 Research award (3rd place) for the development of an electrically conductive material for wearable electronics (link1, link2). Congratulation Mohamed!

June 14 - Three graduate students from Andreescu Lab received awards at National Meetings: Mohamed Hassan and Maximilian Card won the graduate and the undergraduate research award at the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) and Exposition (link). Reem Khan has received the American Chemical Society (ACS) graduate student award from the Division of Agricultural Chemistry (AGRO) for her oral presentation at the 2021 Fall ACS National Meeting (link).

May 11 - Dr. Andreescu received the Distinction in Faculty Mentoring for Research and Scholarship Award at Clarkson University, and Abraham Finny is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award at Clarkson. Congratulation!  

Bioink News: -February 11- Bioink Sensor for Protection from UV Rays: "When it comes to protecting your skin from UV rays, a small sensor to wear on your body can help. A research team from Clarkson University has discovered a special bioink that can be 3D printed on a skin-safe UV sensor. One day we can use this sensor as a new safety tool against sunburn"

3DHeals.com - January 23- 3D Bioprinting for Wound Healing and Skinlike Sensors


Spectrum news - November - Our research on portable biosensors and 3D printed wearable UV sensors was featured by Spectrum News TV station

3D Printing Industry: November 23 - Scientist  develop 3D printed wearable biosensors for sun burn protection: "Researchers from the New York-based Clarkson University have developed a custom bioink and deployed it to create a range of skin-compatible 3D printed biosensors"

Allevi3d: November 12 - These Printable UV Sensors From Allevi Authors Could Save You From A Sunburn In The Future: "In their recent publication, Allevi authors, Abraham Samuel Finny, Cindy Jiang, and Silvana Andreescu developed a custom bioink which they can print into a skin safe UV sensor. Such a sensor could be used as an exciting safety tool against sunburns. It also has potential as a confirmation device for UV sanitation"

3D print.com: - November 10 - Wearable 3D Printed Sensors Could Keep You Safe from Sunburn: "Silvana Andreescu, Professor and Egon Matijevic Endowed Chair of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Clarkson, and two members of her lab, graduate student Abraham Finny and undergraduate student Cindy Jiang, published a paper about their work developing 3D printed, hydrogel-based, non-toxic sensors that can prevent sunburns by indicating unexpected exposure to damaging rays of UV light" 

Photonics media (photonics.com): - November 6, Potsdam, NY - Wearable Sensor Could Increase Awareness of UV Exposure: "A custom bio-ink developed by Clarkson University researchers could enable wearable sensors designed to increase the wearer’s awareness of UV exposure"

Globe Newswire: - November 02, Potsdam, NY - Clarkson University Team Discovers New Way to Protect Against Sunburns