To all the SPONSORS of Andreescu - BIOsem group, Thank you!

36. Identification and sensing of motion sickness biomarkers - Phase 1

Period: 11/01/23-10/31/24

Andrea Ferro (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI, 30%), Alan Rossner (co-PI)

35. Development of a low cost portable sensor for rapid detection of PFAS

Period: 08/01/23-07/31/24

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Daniel Andreescu (co-PI)

34. USDA/NIFA - Nanosorbents for phosphate capture and recovery from tile drainage

Period: 05/07/23-12/31/26

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Stefan Grimberg (co-PI)

33. NYSP2I - Establish effectiveness of 3D printed green sustainable packaging for food spoilage

Period: 05/15/2023-09/30/2023

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

32. SERDP-ESTCP - High-Capacity Sustainable Sorbents for Treatment of PFAS

Period: 01/07/23-12/31/27

Mario Wriedt (PI), E. Silvana Andreescu (co-PI,25%), Richard Partch, Thomas Holsen, Michelle Crimi (co-PIs)

USDA - Prime

UC Davis-Contractor

31. - USDA-UC Davis - Antioxidant sensors development 

Period: 01/23-12/23

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

30. Kazelnut  - mRNA biosensor development

Period: 10/01/22-10/01/23

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

29. Ombra LLC   - Chemical detection testing technology (CDTT) STTR AF Phase I and II

Phase II: 10/01/22-10/01/23

Phase I: 11/10/21 - 01/05/22

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Daniel Andreescu (co-PI)

28. NSF - IIP - 2141017   - Development of Easy-to-Use Affordable Sensors for Rapid Detection of Environmental Pollutants  

Period: 11/26/21-12/31/24

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Michelle Crimi (co-PI)

27. NSF - CBET - 2042544  - Collaborative Research: A multiplexed microbiosensing platform for

understanding real time neurotransmitter dynamics in the brain 

Period: 05/01/21-04/30/24

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Stephanie Schuckers (co-PI)

Collaborative Project Metis - Clarkson

26. USAMRAA-S-W81XWH-202005401 - Real-Time In Vivo Measurement of Reactive Oxygen Species: Potential Measure to Mitigate Injury Sequelae of Hemorrhaging Warriors 

Period: 09/30/20-05/30/23

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI - Clarkson), Wayne Muraoka (PI-Metis)

25. K. Czanderna '77 and D. Shirkey '80 - Ignite Research Fellowship - Clarkson University

Advanced materials design for preventing water eutrophication 

Award: financial support for graduate student(s). Recipient: Mohamed Hassan

Period: 07/01/2019-06/30/2024

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu, Stefan Grimberg and Dhara Trivedi (PIs)

24. TOC 18 01 EL - Proof of concept for Antioxidant Sensor and Filter for Heavy Metal Removal

Period: 05/01/2019-06/30/2019

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Daniel Andreescu (co-PI)

23. NAS - Arab-American Frontiers Fellowship - Nano-bioelectrochemical system for

  monitoring biofilm formation

Period: 03/01/2017-06/30/2017

PIs: Emanuela Silvana Andreescu and Rabeay Hassan

22. NSF - CHE - 1610281 - Single Particle Investigation of Environmental Chemical Processes using Nano-Impact Collision Techniques 

Period: 09/01/16-08/31/20

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

21. NSF - CMMI - 1561491 - Scalable Manufacturing of Nanostructured Bioassemblies for 

Low-Cost Portable Biosensors 

Period: 07/01/16-06/30/20

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI) 

20. NYSP2I - Technology validation for collection - inactivation of toxic waste from CMP processes

Period: 07/01/15-06/30/18

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), SV. Babu (co-PI)

19. CUTIP -Clarkson University / Trudeau Institute Partnership (CUTIP) Grant 

   Nanotherapeutic Probes for Early Detection and Therapy of Inflammatory Diseases

Period: 07/01/14-12/31/16

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (CU - PI), A. Tumarov (TI - PI)

18. CUTIP -Clarkson University / Trudeau Institute Partnership (CUTIP) Grant 

Lab-on-a-Chip Device for Single-Cell Analysis and Personalized Medicine

Period: 07/01/14-12/31/16

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (CU - PI), John E. Pearl (TI - PI)

17. NSF - CBET - 1336493 - Real time quantitative assessment of oxidative stress as a marker for 

    differential nanoparticle toxicity 

Period: 09/01/13-08/31/17

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Kenneth Wallace (co-PI)

16. NSF - CMMI - 1200180 - Engineering Design of Oxygen Rich Surfaces for Bioelectrodes 

Period: 09/01/12-08/31/16

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

15. NIH-NNDS - R21NS078738-01 - Real-time Monitoring of Neurotransmitters in a Hypoxic Environment

Period: 03/01/12-02/28/15

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

14. ARO - DURIP - Purchase of a nanoHPLC (UPLC) for the Advancement of Proteomics Research at Clarkson University and SUNY Plattsburgh 

Period: 06/15/11-06/14/12

Costel Darie (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI)

13. NSF - DMR - 0954919 - CAREER: Inorganic Nanoparticles with Biological Properties: Preparation, Characterization and Sensing Applications 

Period: 05/15/10-04/30/16

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

12. Internal - CCE seed grant - In Vivo Cytotoxicity Studies of Nanomaterials

Period: 11/01/09-06/30/10

Kenneth Wallace (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI)

11. CSOE - seed grant - Development of a Partnership between Clarkson and Dartmouth Medical         School Focused on Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology (School of Engineering, CU) 

Period: 03/01/09-02/28/09

Stephanie Shuckers (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI)

10. NSF - DMR - 0804506 - Collaborative Research: Biomagnetic Glasses: Preparation, 

Characterization and Biosensor Applications  

Period: 09/01/08-02/28/11

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

8. NSF - EEC - 0836640 - NUE: Overcoming the Geographic/Infrastructure Disadvantage of a 

       Remote Small Research/Teaching Institution in Nano/micro-scale Engineering Education 

Period: 09/01/08-08/31//13

Cetin Cetinkaya (PI), Emanuela Andreescu (co-PI),Weiqiang Ding  (co-PI), Ian Suni (co-PI)

9. NYSERDA - #10870 - Biocatalytic microreactors for the efficient fermentation of D-xylose in the production of fuel ethanol from cellulosic biomass

Period: 07/01/08-01/31/2010

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Phillip Christiansen (co-PI)

7. NSF-CCLI/DUE- 0737395 - Collaborative: Bringing Nanotechnology into the Classroom: From a

Doctoral Research Institution to Four and Two Year Colleges

Period: 05/01/08-04/30/11

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI), Evgeny Katz (co-PI)

6. NSF - EEC - 0755345 - REU: Site Program in Environmental Sciences and Engineering: 

Sustainable Solutions to Emerging Environmental Problems 

Period: 03/01/08-02/29/12

Andrea Ferro (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI) 

5. CSOE - seed grant - Biocatalytic Membranes based on Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

(School of Engineering, Clarkson University)

Period: 04/08-04/09

Ruth Baltus (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI)

4. NSF - IRES-OISE - 0727861 - U.S.-France International Research Experience on Toxicity Biosensors: Towards Novel Sensor Architectures, Detection Schemes and Applications 

Period: 09/15/07-08/31/10

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

USDA - Prime

Purdue Contractor

3. USDA-Purdue-F - Sub. # 8000019748-01 -Portable Biosensor for Rapid

  and Ultrasensitive Identification of Food-Borne Contaminants 

Period: 07/01/07-06/30/09

Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (PI)

2. ERDA - #9951 - Advanced Coating System for Transportation Infrastructure

Period: 01/18/07-01/17/08

Ayman Ababneh (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI), Mouna Abu Dalo (co-PI)

1. USAR - W911WF-05-1-0339 - SMART Responsive Nanocomposites for Soldier Protection

Period: 07/01/05-09/30/08

Devon Shipp (PI), Emanuela Silvana Andreescu (co-PI)