BIOsem group photos


Silvana won the Jake's restaurant 2020 Holyday Prize (a dinner up to 8 persons) and the group shared the invitation (February)

June - Group hiking - Silver Lake trail (Adirondacks)

Summer Undergraduate Students (l-r):

Tyler Bechard, Maximilian Card, Jafar Sannie, Kadija Legagneur, Alexis Alexander.

Fatima Ph.D defense - Committee: Profs: Evgeny Katz, Susan Powers, Ka Ho Leung, Silvana Andreescu, Ryan Brown. Congratulation Dr. Mustafa !

July - Group celebrates Fatima PhD defense.


March - The COVID-19 pandemic strikes, and all Clarkson activities were moved remotely till ...

... September, when the group lab activity slowly resumed, and the teaching was adapted (photo below)

April 7 - Kevin Ph.D defense (first defense via zoom)

Committee: Profs: Evgeny Katz, Devon Shipp, Silvana Andreescu, Ryan Brown, and Sumona Mondal

August 14 - Farideh Ph.D defense (via zoom)

Committee: Profs: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy, Devon Shipp, Evgeny Katz, Silvana Andreescu, Ryan Brown

June The Student Chapter of Clarkson University’s Electrochemical Society (CU-ECS) has been named a 2020 Chapter of Excellence recipient by the ECS Board of Directors (link1, link2).

Congratulations to all members (photo left) !

Starting with August 2020, Mohamed Hassan is the new President of CU-ECS student chapter.

Good luck Mohamed !

July 4 - Independence Day group picnic in pandemic year, less than 15 people, outside and ......

social distancing.


April 2019 - Back (l-r): Aaditya Deshpande, Dr. Tulashi Luitel, Cindy Jiang, Megan Carhart

Front (l-r): Ali Othman, Wajdan Jamali, Brenna Kokosenski, Farideh Narouei, Abraham Finny, Kevin Kirk, Mohamed Hassan, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Jeremy Secora, Eduard Dumitrescu, Fatima Mustafa, and Austin Marshall

March 2 - Students from BIOsem group attend the 10th Annual ACS Northern New York Research Symposium at SUNY Plattsburgh

... presenting few posters,

.... and winning the best oral presentation by Megan

Congratulation Megan!

March 26 - Silvana presents the project: "Advanced materials design for preventing water eutrophication", at the Clarkson Ignite Research Fellowship Competition

... the BIOsem group supported it,

... and the committee awarded it.

Congratulations to all !

April 13 - Awards day (Fatima - Phalanx leadership and service awards, Megan - Best oral presentation at RAPS and Edy - The outstanding graduate student).

March - 2019 President Challenge Competition. Abraham and Aswin (Chem. Eng.) presenting their ChemoSense prototipe to Prof. Anthony Collins, the President of CU, and the prize (right)

April 10 - Ali Ph.D defense

Congratulation Dr. Othman !

April 19 - Eduard Ph.D defense

Congratulation Dr. Dumitrescu !

May 13 - Visit to BNL as part of the new advance course CM587 (Brookhaven Advanced Synchrotron lecture) facilitated by Dr. Silvana Andreescu

April 13 - BIOsem group at the Spring Research and Project Showcase (RAPS), CU

May 21 - BIOsem group at the 32nd Annual CAMP Technical Meeting, Syracuse, NY

The students from BIOsem group initiated the Clarkson University ECS student chapter formation (link) as part of The Electrochemical Society (ECS) organization

The CU-ECS student chapter table

June 29 - Group picnic, Norwood beach

November 17-19 - The 7th National Academy of Science (NAS) - Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering and Medicine Symposium, Cairo, Egypt (including a visit to the pyramids)

Right Photo - Visiting the Museum of Egyptian

Antiquities with Dr. Rabeay Hassan (former Lab visitor) and active collaborator with our group.

Thank you Rabeay for a wonderful visit!

December 11 - The 7th International Symposium on Biomedical Materials, Lahore, Pakistan

Visiting Badshahi Mosque with Prof. Akhtar Hayat (former Research Associate of the Lab), and active collaborator with our group, now professor at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus

... a late dinner with Prof. Hayat's research group.

Thank you Akhtar !


Summer 2018 (l-r): Marissa, Fatima, Mohamed (new graduate student), Crystal, Eduard, Tulashi (new postdoc), Morgan, Silvana, Ali, Megan, Farideh, Kevin, Chelsea, and Abraham

February - Students from BIOsem group attending the PITTCON conference, Orlando, FL

April 14 - The BIOsem group attending the 2nd annual spring research and project showcase (RAPS) at CU

Ali Othman - Graduate Student Award, American Chemical Society (ACS)-Division of Environmental Chemistry, 2018

May 18 - The BIOsem table at the 31st Annual CAMP meeting and the people presenting it.

The 9th Annual ACS - Northern New York Research Symposium

June 1 - Abraham presenting his work at The Northeast Nanomaterials Meeting (NENM) of the ACS Northern New York Section, Lake Placid, NY

June 15 - Fatima, Marissa, Chelsea, Abraham and Megan attending the 8th ECS student chapter symposium, UQAM - Montreal, Canada

December - Holiday season


April 2017 (l-r): Lily Norton, Kevin Kirk, Peter Vargo, Ali Othman, Eduard Dumitrescu, Zackary Venne, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Fatima Mustafa, Xinyi Zou, Xiaobo Liu, and Desmond Horowitz

Ana Karimi thesis defense: January 13, 2017

Congratulation Dr. Karimi !

Xiaobo Liu thesis defense: April 12, 2017

Congratulation Dr. Liu !

April 24 - The R&D Student Competition project (2nd Place), NYS Pollution Prevention Institute, University at Buffalo

Commencement day: May 10 - The celebration day for the newest group Ph.Ds: Gonca and Xiaobo

May - BIOsem Group lunch

August 24 - Summer picnic

August 25 (l-r) - My friends Hussein Kanso and former groupmates Carole Calas-Blanchard and Thierry Noguer from Univeriste de Perpignan visiting Clarkson

... and Whiteface Mountain (Adirondacks) before heading to the 68th Annual International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Symposium, Aug 27 - Sept 1, 2017, Providence, RI, US

August 31 - Kevin Kirk: “Best Poster Prize”, International Society of Electrochemistry, the 68th Annual International Society of Electrochemistry Symposium, 27 Aug - 1 Sep 2017, Providence, RI, US


April 2016 (l-r): Eduard Dumitrescu, Ali Othman, Maya Duncan-White, Daniel Austin, Kevin Kirk, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Kyle Messier, Ryan Rauhut, Jessica Cunningham, Anahita Karimi, Gonca Bulbul, and Xiaobo Liu

Dinusha and Silvana

CAMP Annual Meeting, Canandaigua, May, 2016

The 90th Petr Zuman Birthday Anniversary Symposium (Clarkson Distinguished Professor and World-renowned Electrochemist) , Lake Placid, June 30, 2016

Group - Spring 2016

Gonca Bulbul thesis defense: September 26, 2016

Congratulation Dr. Bulbul !

BIOsem group supporting Gonca on her thesis defense. God job Gonca.


September 2015 (l-r): Jessica Cunningham, Anahita Karimi, Dr. Dinusha Karunaratne, Kristen Bear, Kyle Messier, Gonca Bulbul, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Dr. Akhtar Hayat, Xiaobo Liu, Ryan Rauhut, Ali Othman, Eduard Dumitrescu, and Kevin Kirk

March - BIOsem group at PITTCON, New Orleans

March - BIOsem group at PITTCON, New Orleans

March - New Orleans, lunch in jazz environment

March - PITTCON, checking presentations time

Group dinner - downtown New Orleans

and some free time

April - Ali (new grad student) and Ramiz (few weeks before his graduation)

With Prof. Alan Rossner, BIOsem group collaborator -Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Thanksgiving group dinner


March 2014 - Back (l-r): Dr. Naimish Sardesai, Gonca Bulbul, Erica Sharpe, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Dr. Mouna Marrakchi, Ramiz Alkasir, Front (l-r): Thalia Frasco, Nora Houlihan, Jessica Cunningham, Xiaobo Liu, Emrah Ozel

October 2014 - Jessica Cunningham, Ai Lian Lin, Ramiz Alkasir, Ali Othman, Gonca Bulbul, Nora Houlihan, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Kyle Messier, Anahita Karimi, Xiaobo Liu, and Eduard Dumitrescu

April 7 - Emrah Ozel thesis defense

Congratulation Dr. Ozel !

April 11 - Erica Sharpe thesis defense

Congratulation Dr. Sharpe !

April 13 - A small party for the newest Ph.Ds.

God job Erica and Emrah !

with some fun outside

... and inside

May 10 - Commencement day Celebration day for Erica and Emrah




August 2013 - Back (l-r): Dr. Naimish Sardesai, Dr. Akhtar Hayat, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Emrah Ozel, Jessica Cunningham, Ramiz Alkasir, Front (l-r): Erica Sharpe, Lauren Smales, Thalia Frasco, Xiaobo Liu

Friday afternoon group talk

Research and sweets

Happy birthday Silvana!


June 2012 - Amanda Marsh, Kyla Ray, Emrah Ozel, Ramiz Alkasir, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Malli Ganesana, Erica Sharpe, Dilhani Jayathilaka, Kelsey Casale



February 2011 - Ramiz Alkasir, Michael Ball, Anastasia Scangas, Zachary Marchese, Emrah Ozel, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Malli Ganesana, Erica Sharpe, and George Apau


September 2010 -Erica Sharpe, Ramiz Alkasir, Dr. Mayna Ornatska, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Michael Ball, Anastasia Scangas, Zachary Marchese, Malli Ganesana, and Emrah Ozel

February - Poster presentation (Jessica Carothers) at REU Symposium

November - group dinner


Summer - BIOsem group & friends picnic in Higley State Park (Adirondacks)

Ramiz and Matt in a canoe trip

Cristina, Ramiz and John

August - BIOsem group attending the ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC.

August - Malli and Ramiz presenting the poster at the ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC.

... and visiting the Botanical Garden

August 17 - Group dinner, Washington, DC

November- Cristina, Anja, Megan and Jim

Group lunch


Summer 2008 (l-r): Nikita Hungerford, Matt Ravalli, Malli Ganesana, Brian Frederick, Camille Warner, Dr. Silvana Andreescu, Caitlin Mincer, Lindsay Duplissa, John Njagi, (missing Cristina Ispas)

March - Group lunch

Spring - Visitors

May 10 - Graduation (l-r): Sarah Rowland, John Warner and Nikita Hungerford


Fall 2007 (l-r): Malli Ganesana, Matt Ravalli, Brian Frederick, John Njagi, Dr. Silvana Andreescu (with Stephanie), Jonathan Samson, Cristina Ispas, Colleen Burnham, Megan Cates, Daniel VanDorn and John Warner


Fall 2005 - Cassandra Moulton, John Warner, John Njagi and Dr. Silvana Andreescu

John installing the new PC

"Little" John is testing the potentiostat

and Cassandra is running UV-Vis experiments

The instruments are ready ...

... and the working area too