Erica Marie Sharpe

Thesis: Nanoparticles-based Paper Sensors for Field -

Portable Analysis of Antioxidants

Research: - Study the metal oxides nanoparticles as artificial antioxidants

- Paper bioassay based on ceria nanoparticles as colorimetric probes for the detection of H2O2 and glucose

- Portable assay for rapid antioxidants detection in food samples (NanoCerac)

- Metal oxide based multisensor array and portable database for field antioxidants analysis

Awards and honors:

The Linus Pauling Dietary and Optimal Health Conference, Corvallis, OR, May 15-18, 2013

May - August 2011, and September - December 2012.


US Patent: Portable Nanoparticle Based Assay for Rapid Detection of Food Antioxidants (NanoCerac) 

 Erica Sharpe, E. Silvana Andreescu, and Daniel Andreescu,


[7]  A single use electrochemical sensor based on biomimetic nanoceria for the detection of wine antioxidants

  V. Andrei, E. Sharpe, A. Vasilescu and S. Andreescu

    Talanta, 156-157, 2016, 112-118

[6]  Effects of brewing conditions on the antioxidant capacity of twenty-four commercial green tea varieties

  E. Sharpe, F. Hua, S. Schukers, S. Andreescu, and R. Bradley

    Food Chem., 192, 2016, 380-387 

[5] Integration of Nanoparticle Based Paper Sensors into the Classroom: an Example of Application for Rapid Colorimetric Analysis of


E. Sharpe, and S. Andreescu

J. Chem. Educ., 92, 2015, 886-891  

[4]  Metal oxide based multisensor array and portable database for field analysis of antioxidants

E. Sharpe, B. Bradley, T. Fresco, D. Jayathilake, A. Marsh, and S. Andreescu

Sens. Actuators B Chem., 193, 2014, 552-562 

[3]  Portable nanoparticle based technology for rapid detection of food antioxidants (NanoCerac) 

   E. Sharpe, T. Fresco, D. Andreescu, and S. Andreescu

    Analyst, 138(1), 2013, 249-262  

[2]  Nanoparticle based technologies for the detection of food antioxidants

  A. Vasilescu, E. Sharpe, and S. Andreescu 

    Curr. Anal. Chem., 8(4), 2012, 495-505  

[1]  Ceria nanoparticles as colorimetric probes in paper-based bioassays

M. Ornatska, E. Sharpe, D. Andreescu, and S. Andreescu 

Anal. Chem., 83(11), 2011, 4273-4280   


- "Effect of Brewing Conditions and Re-Infusion on the Antioxidant Activity of Green Tea: a side-by-side analysis using the ORAC and NanoCerac assays"

The Linus Pauling Dietary and Optimal Health Conference, Corvallis, OR, May 15-18, 2013 

- "Portable Ceria Nanoparticle based Biosensor for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide and Glucose”

CAMP spring meeting, Albany, NY, May 17, 2012 

- "Ceria Nanoparticles as Novel Colorimetric Probes in Bioanalysis"

PITTCON, Orlando, FL, March 11-15, 2012

- Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE), Clarkson University, 2013

- The 16th annual summer symposium on undergraduate research experience, Clarkson University, August 1, 2013

- PITTCON, Philadelphia, March 17-21, 2013

- The 244th ACS fall national meeting, Philadelphia, Aug 19-23, 2012

- CAMP Spring Meeting, Albany, NY, May 17, 2012

- The 3rd Undergraduate and Graduate chemistry and biology research symposium of the ACS - NNY Section , SUNY-Potsdam, April 21, 2012

- PITTCON, Orlando, FL, March 11-15, 2012

Thesis defense: April 11, 2014

Congratulation Dr. Sharpe !

Thesis defense: April 11, 2014

Committee: Profs: Silvana Andreescu, Evgeny Katz, Paul Goulet (signing), Costel Darie and Shane Rogers

Good job Erica !

BIOsem group after Erica defense

May 10 -Commencement day, Congratulation Erica !

May 10- Erica and her parents celebrating her PhD graduation. Congratulations to all !!

The green tea research

Erica's mentees (l-r): Jessica, Lauren and Thalia

(right) February 2013 - Erica Sharpe won the Young Investigator’s Award at the Linus Pauling Institute’s Diet and Optimum Health conference in Corvallis, OR

Congratulation Erica !