Abd ur Rehman

Thesis topic: Design new electrochemical (bio)sensors for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) analysis

Research: Developing new type biosensors based on specific oriented materials towards PFASs detection 

Functionalization and surface modification of (micro)electrodes using conductive polymers

Awards and Honors:


US Patent: Portable apparatus, materials and sensors for rapid detection of per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), 2023

E.S. Andreescu, A. Rehman, and D. Andreescu



[6Current and emerging analytical techniques for the determination of PFAS in environmental samples

A. Rehman, M. Crimi, and S. Andreescu

Trends Environ. Anal. Chem. (TrEAC), 2023, e00198 


[5]   Magnetic particles-based analytical platforms for food safety monitoring

R. Khan, A. Rehman, A. Hayat, and S. Andreescu

Magnetochemistry, 5(4), 2019, 63


Prior to the PhD program at Clarkson

[4]   An electrochemical sensing platform of cobalt oxide@SiO2/C mesoporous composite for the selective determination of hydrazine in

environmental samples

M. Alsaiari, A. Rehman Younus, A. Rahim, and N. Muhammad,

Microchem. J., 165, 2021, 103171


[3]   Nonenzymatic amperometric dopamine sensor based on a carbon ceramic electrode of type SiO2/C modified with Co3O4 nanoparticles   

A. Rehman Younus, J. Iqbal, N. Muhammad, F. Rehman, M. Tariq, A. Niaz, S. Badshah, T.A. Saleh, and A. Rahim

Microchim. Acta, 186(7), 2019, 471


[2]  In situ immobilization of CuO on SiO2/graphite matrix, modified with benzimidazolium-1-acetate ionic liquid: Application as catechol sensor   

B. Khalid, A. Rahim, M.A. Gilani, N. Muhammad, A. Rehman Younus, S. Tabassum, J. Iqbal, and A.H. Alharthi

J. Mol. Liq., 251, 2018, 450-457


[1]   Graphene oxide coating for improved corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnets   

M.A. Raza, A. Ahmad, F.A. Ghauri, A. Rehman, and R. Ahmad

NUST J. Eng. Sci., 10(1), 2017, 14-18



- "Low-cost Portable Electrochemical Sensor for Rapid Detection of Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)"

ACS - Spring Meeting, New Orleans, March 17-21, 2024

- "Nano-enhanced sensing: Tailoring surfaces for ultrasensitive PFAS detection"

ACS - Spring Meeting, New Orleans, March 17-21, 2024

- "Development of a low-cost portable sensor for rapid detection of perfluoroalkyl substances"

ACS, Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL, August 21-25, 2022

- CAMP Annual Technical Meeting, Clayton, NY,  May 22, 2024

- The 2nd Annual Meeting of NYS Center of Excellence (CoE) - Healthy water solutions, Syracuse, NY, May 15-16, 2024 

- The 14th Annual ACS-NNY local section "Chemistry meets Biology" Symposium, St. Lawrence University,  Canton, NY, April 20, 2024 

- Spring Research and Projects Showcase (RAPS), Clarkson University, Apr 14, 2023

- The 1st Annual Center of Excellence (CoE) Meeting: "A conversation on advances in water science and technology", SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, March 12, 2023

- ACS - Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM), Rochester, NY, October 2-5, 2022

- CAMP Annual Technical Meeting, Clayton, NY,  May 23, 2022

- ACS - Northern New York Local Section, Undergraduate and Graduate Chemistry and Biology Research Symposium, SUNY Potsdam, April 1, 2022

- Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition (EAS), Plainsboro, NJ, November 15-17, 2021 

- Summer Research and Project Showcase (RAPS), Clarkson University, July 25, 2020

Poster session, Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exhibition (EAS), Plainsboro, NJ, Nov. 15-17, 2021

April 14, 2023 - Best graduate poster presentation, RAPS

March 17, 2024 - ACS  Spring meeting, New Orleans, LA