Dr. Naimish Sardesai

Research topic: Development of implantable biosensors using oxygen‐rich electrode materials able to operate in oxygen restrictive



[4] Platinum-doped ceria based biosensor for in vitro and in vivo monitoring of lactate during hypoxia

N.P. Sardesai, M. Ganesana, A. Karimi, J.C. Leiter, and S. Andreescu

Anal. Chem., 87(5), 2015, 2996-3003


[3] Engineered Pt doped nanoceria for oxidase based bioelectrodes operating in oxygen deficient

environment (back cover page - right photo)

N.P. Sardesai, A. Karimi, and S. Andreescu

ChemElectroChem, 1(12), 2014, 2082-2088


[2] Applications and Implications of Nanoceria Reactivity: Measurement Tools and Environmental Impact

D. Andreescu, G. Bulbul, E.R. Ozel, A. Hayat, N.P. Sardesai, and S. Andreescu

Environ. Sci. Nano, 1, 2014, 445-458


[1] Electroanalytical evaluation of antioxidant activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles by nanoparticle

collisions at microelectrodes

N.P. Sardesai, D. Andreescu, and S. Andreescu

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135(45), 2013, 16770-16773