Eduard Dumitrescu

Thesis: Electrochemical Analysis of Neurotransmitters in Zebrafish

  Embryos: In Vivo Sensing and Nanotoxicity Screening 

Research: Develop modified microsensors and advance experimental procedures to evaluate the toxicological effect against living organisms associated to nanoparticles exposure and measuring relevant neurotransmitters.

-  Design implantable electrochemical carbon fiber microsensors for detection of nitric oxide and dopamine with improved spatial and 

temporal resolution in single organs of live zebrafish (Dario rerio) embryos

- Toxicological evaluation of zebrafish embryos exposure to nanoparticles and chemical additives used in industrial chemical mechanical 

planarization (CMP) processes and in consumer products

Awards and honors:


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Poster session: ACS Northeast Nanomaterials 

Meeting, Lake Placid, NY, June 2, 2018

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award in the Department of Chem. & Biomolec. Science, CU

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Recognition Day, April 13, 2019

R&D Student Competition project (2nd Place), NYS Pollution Prevention Institute, University at Buffalo, 2017

RAPS presentation: April 13, 2019

Thesis defense: April 19, 2019

Committee: Profs: Devon Shipp, Xiaocun Lu, Silvana Andreescu, Ryan Brown and Kenneth Wallace

Congratulation Dr. Dumitrescu !