Fatima Mustafa

Thesis: Development of Easy-to-use Portable Sensors for 

 for Smart Packaging and Food Quality Monitoring

Research: Developing economic, sensitive, and easy to use paper-based sensors and assays for the detection of various analytes of   interest e.g. pollutants, food quality markers, health indicators etc. for solving environmental, and health safety problems

Enzyme-mimetic nanocatalysts modified paper for hypoxanthine detection in fish with real-time monitoring of fish spoilage

Disposable point-of–care paper sensors for alcohol detection in breath 

-  Paper based biosensor for lactic acid detection in sweat for health and fitness monitoring

Designed nanoparticles-based assay for the detection of β-galactosidase and its application in fruits

Developed a fluorometric method for the detection phosphate in eutrophic water



[11Nanoparticle-based amplification for sensitive detection β-galactosidase activity in fruits

F. Mustafa, S. Liebich, and S. Andreescu

Anal. Chem. Acta, 1186, 2021, 339129 


[10]  A 3D-Printed Breath Analyzer Incorporating CeO2 Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Enzyme-Based Ethanol Sensing

F. Mustafa, M. Carhart, and S. Andreescu

ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 4(9), 2021, 9361–9369 


[9] Younger Chemists Thriving during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

F. Mustafa, R. Borg, and J. Borges

Chemistry Views, 2021


[8] Cerium Oxide-based Hypoxanthine Biosensor for Fish Spoilage Monitoring

F. Mustafa, A. Othman, and S. Andreescu

Sens. Actuators B Chem., 329, 2021, 129435


[7] Paper-Based Enzyme Biosensor for One-Step Detection of Hypoxanthine in Fresh and Degraded Fish

F. Mustafa, and S. Andreescu

ACS Sens., 5(12), 2020, 4092-4100


[6] Nanotechnology-based approaches for food sensing and packaging applications

F. Mustafa, and S. Andreescu

RSC Adv., 33(10), 2020, 19309-19336


[5] Chapter 3 - Printed paper-based (bio)sensors: Design, fabrication and applications. 

F. Mustafa, A.S. Finny, K.A. Kirk, and S. Andreescu

in Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89 - Paper based sensors (Edited by Arben Merkoçi), Elsevier, 2020, 63-89


[4] Chemical and Biological Sensors for Food-Quality Monitoring and Smart Packaging

F. Mustafa, and S. Andreescu

Foods, 7(10), 2018, 168


[3] DNA assay based on Nanoceria as fluorescence Quenchers (NanoCeracQ DNA assay)

G. Bulbul, A. Hayat, F. Mustafa, and S. Andreescu

Sci. Rep., 8(1), 2018, 2426


[2] Multifunctional Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches for Rapid Capture and Detection of Pathogens

F. Mustafa, R.Y.A. Hassan, and S. Andreescu

Sensors, 17(9), 2017, 2121


Prior to the PhD program at Clarkson

[1] Use of mesoporous silicate nanoparticles as drug carrier for mefenamic acid

F.M. Mustafa, and H. A. Hodali 

IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 92(1), 2015, 012018 



- "Portable Nanomaterials Enabled Sensors for Food Quality Monitoring"

ACS Spring Meeting (virtual), April 15, 2021

- North Country Women’s Leadership Initiative: Community connections conference, Clarkson University, Nov 02, 2019

- "Fluorimetric and Colorimetric Assays for Phosphate Detection in Eutrophic Water"

Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Department Seminar Series, Clarkson University, October 11, 2019

- "Portable Nanomaterials Enabled Sensors for Food Quality Monitoring"

IUPAC, Paris, July 11, 2019

- "Chemical and biological sensors for food quality monitoring"

The ACS Northeast Regional Meeting- NERM, Saratoga, NY, June 25, 2019

- "Chemical and biological sensors for food quality monitoring"

Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Department Seminar Series, Clarkson University, September 14, 2018

- (MSc work), workshop in SALSA (School of Analytical Sciences-Adleshof), Humboldt University, Germany, Jun 29- July 3, 2015

- PITTCON, Chicago, March 1-5, 2020

- Diversity in STEM event, SUNY Potsdam, Oct. 4-5, 2019

- Managing Food Waste in New York: Opportunities, Innovative Technologies, and Best Practices event, RIT, June 04, 2019

- The 3rd Spring Research and Project Showcase (RAPS)-Clarkson-April 13, 2019

- 10th Annual Northern New York Local Section, SUNY Plattsburgh, March 2, 2019

- The ECS student chapter symposium, Montreal, Canada, June 15, 2018

- The Northeast Nanomaterials Meeting (NENM) host by the ACS Northern New York Section, Lake Placid, June 1-3, 2018

- The CAMP Meeting 31st CAMP Annual Meeting, Canandaigua, NY, May 16-18, 2018

- The 9th Annual Northern New York, ACS Local Section, SUNY Potsdam, March 2, 2018

- PITTCON, Florida, February 27-March 1, 2018

Award ceremony (best poster in device and sensors) at 2nd annual spring research and project showcase (RAPS) - 2018 with Prof. Anthony Collins, the President of CU. 

The International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN), first general assembly IUPAC, Paris, July 5-12, 2019

Poster session at 3rd annual spring research and project showcase (RAPS) - 2019

Fatima Ph.D defense (via zoom)

Committee: Profs: Susan Powers, Ka Ho Leung, Evgeny Katz, Silvana Andreescu, Ryan Brown

Congratulation Dr. Mustafa !

Left photo - Fatima and some of her mentees 

Commencement day: May 12, 2022