Jehad Walid Abdelnabi

Thesis topic: Design materials and films for phosphate detection and removal 

Research: - Developing new type of phosphate removing systems based on natural materials (paper, wool. cellulose, etc.)

Awards and Honors:


[3] Phenolic Compounds Removal from Olive Mill Wastewater Using the Composite of Activated Carbon and Copper-Based MOF

M. Abu-Dalo, N.A.F. Al-Rawashdeh, M. Almurabi, J. Abdelnabi, and A. Al Bawab

Materials, 16(3), 2023, 1159     

Prior to the PhD program at Clarkson

[2] Coupling coagulation-flocculation to volcanic tuff-magnetite nanoparticles adsorption for olive mill wastewater treatment

M. Abu-Dalo, J. Abdelnabi, N.A.F. Al-Rawashdeh, B. Albiss, and A. Al Bawab

Environ. Nanotechnol. Monit. Manag., 17, 2022, 100626

[1] Preparation of Activated Carbon Derived from Jordanian Olive Cake and Functionalized with Cu/Cu2O/CuO for Adsorption of Phenolic

Compounds from Olive Mill Wastewater 

M. Abu-Dalo, J. Abdelnabi, and A. Al Bawab

Materials, 14(21), 2021, 6636  


- "Rapid detection of phosphate in eutrophic water using quinhydrone"

Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Department Seminar Series, Clarkson University, December 8, 2023

- NYSP2I, Student Packing Research Symposium, Binghamton University, September 29, 2023

- CAMP Annual Technical Meeting, Corning, NY,  May 31 - June 1, 2023

- The 1st Annual Center of Excellence (CoE) Meeting: "A conversation on advances in water science and technology", SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, March 12, 2023

- CAMP Annual Technical Meeting, Clayton, NY,  May 23, 2022

June, 2023 - CAMP Meeting, Corning, NY

December, 2023 - CBS Department Seminar