Maryam Awan

Thesis topic: Portable biosensors for wellness monitoring



Awards and Honors:

  • Ph.D scholarship under “US-PAK knowledge corridor” Project to study in US 2022-2027

  • Research internship in France (University of Perpignan) under Peridot project (PAK-France joint research project) - 2018



Prior to the PhD program at Clarkson

[2] The role of band structure in Co- and Fe-co-doped Ba0.5Sr0.5Zr0.1Y0.1O3-δ perovskite semiconductor to design an electrochemical aptasensing platform: application in label-free detection of ochratoxin A using voltammetry

S. Rauf, M. Awan, N. Rauf, Z. Tayyab, N. Ali, B. Zhu, A. Hayat, and C.P. Yang

Microchim. Acta, 188, 2021, 117

[1] A sandwich electrochemical immunosensor based on antibody functionalized-silver nanoparticles (Ab-Ag NPs) for the detection of dengue biomarker protein NS1

M. Awan, S. Rauf, A. Abbas, M.H. Nawaz, C. Yang, S.A. Shahid, A. Amin and A. Hayat

J. Mol. Liq., 317, 2020, 114014


  • Oral presentations:

- "Implantable biosensors for real-time detection of dopamine in diagnostics"

ACS - Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM), Rochester, NY, October 2-5, 2022

  • Poster presentations:

- ACS Fall National Meeting, Chicago,