Alumni - Senior / Honors undergraduates

Tyler Bechard (2020-2024)

Thesis: Enzymatic biosensor for superoxide detection

Honors thesis : 2024 (graduate student coordinator: Aaditya Deshpande)

co-author: 1 publication  

Megan Carhart (2018-2020)

Thesis: Nanotechnology-enabled paper-based biosensors for ethanol detection

Honors thesis : 2020 (graduate student coordinator: Fatima Mustafa)

co-author: 1 publication  

Jeremy Secora (2018-2019)

Thesis: Cerium based MOF as a tool for phospahate sequestration

Senior thesis : 2019 (graduate student coordinator: Mohamed Hassan)

co-author: 1 publication  

Jessica Cunningham - Salas (2013-2016)

Thesis: Development and applications of a nanoceria-based bioanalytical assay

Senior thesis : 2016 (graduate student coordinator: Erica Sharpe 2013-2014, and Gonca Bulbul 2014-2016)

co-author: 1 publication  

Ryan Rauhut (2015-2016)

Thesis: Application of thin-layer chromatography and cerium oxide nanoparticles for the identification 

and quantification of food antioxidants 

Honors thesis : 2016 (graduate student coordinator: Gonca Bulbul)

co-author: 1 publication  

Thalia Frasco Jones (2012-2014)

Thesis: Detection and quantification of food antioxidants using a colorimetric paper sensor coated in metal

oxide nanoparticles

Honors thesis : 2014  (graduate student coordinator: Erica Sharpe)

co-author:  two publications:  1st, 2nd 

Anastasia Scangas (2009-2011)

Thesis: Development of an electrochemical sensor for the detection of antioxidants

Senior thesis : 2011 

co-author: two publications: 1st, 2nd 

Michael Ball (2009-2011)

Thesis: Development of a colorimetric paper based sensor for the detection of phenolic estrogens

Senior thesis : 2011 

co-author: 1 publication  

Zachary Marchese (2009-2011)

Thesis: A cytochrome c based biosensor for the detection of free radicals

Senior thesis : 2011 

co-author: 1 publication  

Megan Himmler Touchette (2009-2010)

Thesis: Biosensor for monitoring the production of fuel ethanol from cellulosic biomass

Senior thesis : 2010  (graduate student coordinator: Cristina Ispas)

Brian Frederick (2006-2008)

Thesis: Microencapsulation of xylose isomerase and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae for the efficient production

of ethanol from D-xylose

Honors thesis : 2008 

John Warner (2005-2008)

Thesis: Chitosan biopolymer as a multifunctional biosensor material

Senior thesis : 2008 (graduate student coordinator: John Njagi)

co-author:  two publications: 1st, 2nd